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The enjoyment of staying in a place of great natural beauty is enhanced by being comfortable; by sleeping well, by being able to really relax and by having good facilities. For the village of Reipe to really welcome visitors and to become Nepal’s definitive village experience it was going to need really nice accommodation. 

Bedrooms at Riepe Village are really charming, they are quite large and full of character. Each bedroom is aligned for the best mountain views from your veranda or patio.  And each has up-to-date ensuite facilities.  Your hosts wlll see that your needs are well catered for, starting with morning tea.


Guests are not crowded into small spaces; each farmhouse is some 30 or so metres from the next; and it is a pleasant wander from house to house.


There is an option for meals; either together as a group or in one's own private space.  These meals are based on all the food-stuffs produced by the villagers and as described on the page:  'Self-Reliance' (next page).

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