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With a few little luxuries addressed, simplicity becomes a joy not a penance.  Here you can expect a deep-veined unlearned hospitality, and a welcome that lasts the duration of your stay.  There’s respect for privacy, there's a soft bed, clean linen, hot shower and a western-style loo. 


Riepe community's gentle dignity is key to their ecological, pastoral, self-sufficient way of life. 


Stunning views from your window and your terrace are a given – subject only to cloud (which, typically each morning, have collected in the valley below).  The 1,250 metre altitude means a mellow year-round climate; the intense new greens of rice terraces, the golds and browns of harvest time, and high, nimbus clouds and the moody light of monsoon. 


All of this is but foreground to the awesome peaks that rule the entire northern skyline.  Indeed the Himalaya command far more than that; they have been shaping lives here, shaping all that happens below, since time immemorial.

As the old Nepali proverb goes:

“Man says time passes.

Time says man passes.”

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